Exploring Possibilities​

With Renewable Energy

The Company's Business Operation

Greenergy Holdings Inc. (GREEN) is founded on three strategic pillars:

  • Financial profitability with corporate social responsibility

  • Forge local and international partnerships for sustainable growth

  • Adopt innovative technology and processes to ensure success.

Greenergy Holdings Inc. (GREEN) will involve itself in sustainable projects meeting the following criteria.

  • Presence of abundant resources
  • Access to basic infrastructure (land & road)
  • Local expertise
  • Safety and security

Our mission and vision


To be one of the leaders in the renewable energy sector of the Philippines inspiring industries to protect nature.


We aim to develop clean fuel and energy options for Philippines’ future generations to benefit from economic gains without sacrificing environment..

Our Company

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54 National Road, Dampol 2A, Pulilan, Bulacan 3005


  • (02) 9975184


  • kenneth.tan@ani.com.ph