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Dutch innovator Hydroring gets off to a flying start with its unique mini power station
Nov. 12, 2012

HydroringCapitalB.V., a Dutch innovator in the field of ‘water and energy’ has signed a joint venture contract to generate clean energy from water in the Philippines.This was the result of a successful demonstration installation on the quay at the site of VolkerStevinMaterieelin Dordrecht.TheHydroringconcept from the private enterprise from The Hague has bundled together various sustainable, social and environmental technology components and partners from within its Socially Responsible Enterprise objectives.
Hydroring’s business model does not focus on the sale of the system but on the longstanding operation of self-developed energy infrastructures in collaboration with local investors, governments and partners.This collaboration model results in involvement, employment and support for the long-term provision of sustainable energy across almost all countries.

The Hydroring concept: Sustainable, simple and repeatable
TheHydroringconceptis founded on the simplification of run-of-riverhydropowertechnology on the basis of a series of self-developed and patented innovations.The system works as follows:A hydroring is mounted in a water current in a water buffer tray or a pipeline.The water current drives a rotating impeller and generator combination which converts the water energy into clean, sustainable electric current.The impeller is magnetically supported by two rings which repel each other, as a result of which there is no friction and wear is prevented.This ensures longer lifecycles and reduces maintenance costs.

Thanks to the simplicity of the system it is possible,with the correct preparation, to create a mini power station in rural areas within a few days.TheHydroringis a standardised cornerstone for energy infrastructures and is available in ‘fish-friendly’ (80kW)and‘maximum yield’(100kW)versions, which generates enough electricity per unit for approximately 200 Dutch average domestic households or approximately 3,000 to 4,000 average domestic households in a developing country.Because Hydroringequipment can be connected both in parallel and in series, installations can be fine-tuned to the local conditions without adaptations.

For the roll-out of its concept,HydroringCapital has entered into partnerships with UNESCO-IHE(for capacity building, i.e. for support in building the required local capacity in developing countries),Siemens(astechnology provider),RoyalHaskoningDHV(assystem integratoron location),VolkerStevinMaterieel(for the purpose of testing and validation activities) andBronswerkHeatTransfer (asmanufacturing partner), who each add value to the concept based on their individual skills and competences.

Collaboration contract with the Philippines
Representatives of the publicly-listed Filipino investment company GreenergyHoldingsIncorporated attended the commissioning of the test installation.Once direct proof had been shown that the system worked, a letter of intent was signed for the foundation of a Filipino joint venture, which will assume the operation of several locations based on the Hydroring concept.The collaboration is based on the phased roll-out and operation of several hundred systems in the Philippines and an option on ten other Asian countries.

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CeylanDuzdusen(commercialdirector of VolkerStevinMaterieel),AntonioTui(CEOGreenergy HoldingsInc.),EricGovers(managing directorHydroringCapitalBV) and EricGeutjes(commercial directorHydroringCapitalBV) seal the signature of the letter of intent.